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2010: The Year of the Lung



一月 : 香港電台第三台 - 哮喘專訪

二月 : 健肺馬拉松

九月至十月 : 新城財經台「我的事務所」- 四次大氣專訪: 慢性阻塞性肺病, 另公開健康講座

十月: 「環遊肺界」健康展覽

十月: 世界胸肺年 - 香港胸肺基金會 –謝婉雯醫生紀念獎學金 – 全港中學生公開徵文比賽

十月至十一月 : 世界肺功能日 -「肺要思量, 吹遍全城大行動」- 醫療專車走遍全港十八區暨健康講座

十二月 : 出版「胸肺疾病手冊」

A lecture series on “Diagnosing and Assessing Lung Diseases in the Office” have been jointly organized by the Hong Kong Medical Association, HKTS and ACCP (Hong Kong & Macau Chapter), Hong Kong Society of Paediatric Respirology and the Hong Kong Asthma Society and delivered on 31 Oct, 26 Nov and 12 Dec 2010. The two topics, namely “How can office spirometry help your practice?” and “Office Spirometry: equipment and practice” were delivered by Drs. Arthur Lau, Maureen Wong, Johnny Chan, Wai-kei Lam, Wilson Yee and Veronica Chan.

On the other hand, several public lectures had also been delivered in the year 2010. This included “教你護肺 預防肺功能衰竭”by Dr. Maureen Wong on 29 Nov 2010 in the Central Public Library (organized by Chinese Medical Association), “慢性阻塞性肺病” by Dr. Johnny Chan on 1 Nov 2010 in the Central Public Library (organized by HKTS) and “潛水與呼吸糸統疾病” by Dr. Johnny Chan on 27th Nov 2010 at Olympic House, Causeway Bay (organized by Hong Kong Underwater Association).

Dr. CY Tam (President, HKTS)
Dr. Maureen Wong (President, ACCP, HK& Macau Chapter)
Dr. KS Chan (Chairman, HKLF)

Respiratory diseases have been a common and important cause of morbidity and mortality. However, as they frequently co-exist with the other medical conditions, attention and resources have frequently been drawn to the other more eye-catching health issues, leaving the lung problems outside the media and political spotlight. This phenomenon is surprisingly rather universal around the globe, both in the developed and developing countries. Governments and policy makers should strike the balance when planning healthcare services across the country/nation.

Forum of International Respiratory Societies (FIRS), comprising ATS, ACCP, APSR, ALAT (Latin America), ERS, IUATLD, and PATS (Africa), decided earlier in 2009 to declare 2010 being “Year of the Lung”. The aims are to raise awareness about lung health and lung diseases among the public, initiate actions in communities worldwide, and advocate for resources to advance lung health and fight lung disease, including support for research and research training programs, clinical and clinical training programs, and public health programs worldwide.

The local Respiratory circle is obliged to put these objectives into action. We are already in the move, targets and issues would include media events and press releases, open essay competition, talks, special sessions in ASM/ARS, collaborations in exhibitions, audio-visual aids production, membership promotion, pamphlets and education material publications, Spirometry Day and COPD Day… We need more inputs, ideas, manpower, effort, expertise, commitment…to make these “dreams” comes true. Those events/issues confirmed and scheduled will be announced in due course, but we urge to have your input to booster the engine. Please feel free to send your idea(s) or whatever you think useful to us (Dr CY Tam or Dr Maureen Wong). You are our driving forces.

Official website of Year of the Lung here